Del Gesu Club

Del Gesu Club

Dear Friends,

The biggest dream for any Guarneri del Gesu enthusiast is to see and play one of these beautiful instruments.

This is why I decided to create an exclusive club, which is only open to musicians who play a Guarneri del Gesu or owners of such an instrument.

The idea behind this is to meet up once a year, at a Location chosen by me, and to spend 2 days together looking at each Del Gesu, and compare the work and of course the sound.

This will give collectors and musicians the unique opportunity to meet up and exchange knowledge.

If you do play or own a Guarneri del Gesu, congratulations!🎉 You are already a member.

In order for me to verify your violin, please send an email with the name and year of the instrument, your name of course, and a photo of you holding your violin showing the table.

Of course personal information will be handled extremely confidentially.

I will respond with a confirmation email and register you.

Our first „get together“, which will be held at an exclusive private space in the summer of 2023, and I will announce the location 3 month prior to the event.

I am sure this will be epic!

Looking forward to seeing many old friends and meeting many new ones as well.


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